Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One of my GREATEST passions!

It's been a while, guys.  I have set a goal for myself.  I am going to make this blog known to a lot of people that will find it useful!  I thought about making a separate blog for the topic of this post, but that means I would have three blogs, that's annoying. Plus I want people that I know and love to know this information.

Let's start at the very beginning...  A very good place to start.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly inclined toward the naturalist lifestyle.  I remember a time when I went to the doctor probably 1 time a month.  That is ridiculous!  I'm sure I got my parents' insurance past the deductible every year.  Lucky them.  ;)  I got involved with holistic medicine a few years ago, including essential oils.  I enjoyed the aromatic effect and the menthol effect (peppermint and melaluca/tea tree) of the oils I was using, but I couldn't tell a big difference.  Then in June of 2012, I found the champ of all oil companies, and the cause of my intensified passion.  doTERRA.  I wonder how many people in the world have heard of doTERRA.  Around here, in Utah, a lot of people have.  It's funny, because you wouldn't expect all the conservatives here in Utah to be so accepting of "hokey pokey", "quack" methods, but alas, it works!  So they do...

doTERRA.  What a wonderful thing in my life!  The oils are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade.  The purest essential oils produced on God's great Earth.  Grown, harvested and expelled with absolutely NO pesticides, chemicals, fillers, additives, artificial scents/colors, synthetics, etc.  They are entirely hypoallergenic.  If strong scents give you a headache, these won't.  If you're allergic to anything, you're not allergic to these.  Unless of course your body is overwhelmed with toxins (most people, including me).  When you begin to cleanse, you lose those adverse reactions and your body is happy and healthy!  Oh heck, I could talk about this stuff for quite some time.

Oh by the way, I cured skin cancer on my dad's face with this stuff.  Jussayin.

Anyway.  I want this blog to become a place where all kinds of people come to learn and discuss things about life.  Health, food, culture, religion, politics, etc.

If you're interested in learning about self-healing with the things that God gave us, please contact me.  If you're interested specifically in doTERRA essential oils, you can contact me or visit this site.

(If you live in Utah consider not ordering from the website, depending on where you live, I can give you wholesale price instead of retail! :)  You're welcome)

That's all for now, guys....
I'll be seeing you.

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